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Ambitious and Entertaining, Roman Army and Chariot Racing Spectacle at Jerash

The monumental hippodrome at the ancient city of Jerash in Jordan is, for the first time in over a thousand years, hosting a spectator event – authentic replica Roman chariots racing in the Roman circus at Jerash.


Throughout history, Jerash has been occupied by a plethora of civilisations making it a must visit for every tourist coming to Jordan. This ancient city is rich with Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Omayyad and amazingly, Neolithic finds.

Its locale and setting present a remarkable opportunity to give the discerning tourist a unique experience – an authentic Roman Army performance and chariot racing live event staged at the hippodrome of Jerash.


Jerash, the Roman city of Gerasa, some fifty minutes drive to the north from Amman, displays some of the finest, most extensive and best preserved remains of the former Empire to be found anywhere. The colonnaded streets, temples, theatres, bathhouses and magnificent oval plaza are complemented by the superbly restored hippodrome which in Roman times seated up to fifteen thousand people.


Take a walk through Roman Gerasa and hear the breeze gently whistling, a carpet of wild spring blossoms dotting the landscape, a clear blue sky, and a unit of Roman legionaries in full regalia marching in strict formation echoing the magnificent display of columns on either side of the stone paved streets passing stalls of fresh produce – olives grown in the groves nearby, freshly pressed olive oil, wine, and grapes that will find their way to a lavish banquet. As the sun turns the city a golden hue, the temples and Corinthian columns cast their shadows on the spectators hurrying to take their seats at the hippodrome overlooking the arena.


The hippodrome is almost complete. The ten now fully restored carceres - starting gates - at the southern end of the arena, attest to the use of the hippodrome for that most favourite of Roman sports, the chariot race. Original stone seating has been re-installed to a capacity of around four hundred people and accommodation for a further hundred will be installed in due course.

Even without any live event in progress, the restored hippodrome presents a magnificent sight for the imaginative visitor. Emotions will be stirred by the re-introduction of real, live chariot racing in the Roman style as part of a pageant telling the story of Gerasa and the hippodrome as it was in the first and second centuries AD.


The Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE), in co-operation with the Jordan Ministry of Tourism and the Jordan Tourism Board, are proud to have introduced a show featuring Roman Army warfare techniques, including war machines in action and gladiators, in addition to races with Roman chariots. Both bigae and quadrigae will be featured in realistic racing so as to bring to life events known to have resounded within this historic arena.

A stable of up to ten horses with chariots, harness and colourful costumes with sound effects, commentary, and lighting give the visitor a thrilling glimpse of the spectacle as experienced by the citizens of Roman Gerasa nearly two thousand years ago.