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RACE in the Media

The Roman Army and Chariot Experience Media Coverage

The New Ben-Hurs: Chariot Racing Stages a Comeback The Wall Street Journal May 23, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back! Daily Mail November 5, 2005

Chariot Races Return to Jordan World Vision Radio September 25, 2005

BBC World Middle East Business Report September 24, 2005

Return of Ben-Hur Daily Telegraph September 10, 2005

Swedish Man Leads Gladiator Re-enactments in Jordan National Public Radio (NPR) August 15, 2005

Gladiators Battle in Revived Jordan Games Associated Press July 3, 2005

Gladiators battle to restore tourism The Times June 27, 2005

R.A.C.E. The Roman Army and Chariot Experience The Jordan Times June 23, 2005

Chariot races bring ancient Roman city back to life in Jordan Agence France Presse June 14, 2005

Eat your heart out Charlton Heston, The National, UAE, April 18, 2009

Inside the middle east, CNN October, 2013

A boot Roya TV program and other publicity from the soft opening, December 21, 2017