RACE in the Media


  • Mr Howard Giles, founder and Director of EventPlan.
    EventPlan is directed by Howard Giles, former Head of Special Events for English Heritage, regarded by many as Britain's leading professional in the field of live historical events, and now an increasingly busy player in TV and film. Howard's many credits include the creation and direction of the world's biggest events programme for English Heritage, 1984-2000, including History in Action 2000 (the largest multi-period event ever staged in the UK), the scripting and directing of the Battle of Orgreave for Artangel and Channel 4 in June 2001, and the organisation of other major event projects.
    EventPlan are specialized in historical reconstructions and sourcing of clothing, weaponry and props for TV and film. They have assisted in scripting and directing The Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE).

  • Dr Larry Shenfield, a formen scholar at the University of Exeter.
    The late Dr Shenfield was the presenter of a thesis on Roman means of transport and was the advisor on the historic aspects of chariot construction, harnessing and similar subjects. In April of 1999, Dr Shenfield published an article on the RACE project in the University of Exeter Archaeological Journal, Pegasus. The name of the article was: "Chariots again at the Roman circus at Jerash?" , JoHistory is grateful for his support and expertise in organizing the RACE performance.