RACE in the Media


The RACE project, a private venture to recreate Roman Army displays and chariot racing in Jerash, is an initiative of Stellan Lind and Jeff Cullis.

Stellan Lind is a Swedish citizen resident in Jordan, with close family connections in the Kingdom.
Before moving to Jordan he had a career in the Swedish pharmaceuticals industry. During the nineties Stellan Lind masterminded a series of medical seminars in Amman using his network in the medical world for recruiting speakers.

For his work for Jordan, Stellan Lind has been awarded the Al Hussein Medal for excellence, First Class and he is also a Grand Officer of the Order of Al-Istiqlal.

Jeff Cullis is a UK citizen resident in Nottingham, and is a retired director of a publicly listed British company.
During his time as director of marketing and later mergers and acquisitions, he saw his company through exceptional growth and international establishment in Europe, the US and in the Far East. Like Stellan Lind, Jeff Cullis is a dedicated amateur student of classical history and has for the RACE project established and maintained co-operation with the University of Exeter Archaeological Department and the XIV Augusta Roman Army exhibition team.