Betting Guide: How to Choose a Winning Horse

Betting on horse racing is one of the most popular choices for punters, especially in New Zealand where horse racing is really big. Horse betting was popular long before the arrival of the internet, with people flocking to race tracks to place their bets and watch their favorites run.

With online gambling, in general, becoming hugely popular over the past couple of decades, however, a large number of bookmakers have taken it to the internet, offering players a chance to place their bets from the comfort of their own homes or using their mobile phones. This means that punters nowadays have access to a vast range of options when it comes to betting on horse races, but you still need to know how to pick a winning horse in your selected race.

Pick Your Winner

Clearly, in a professional horse race, all horses and jockeys are of the highest quality, otherwise, they wouldn’t be at the track to begin with. However, in every race, there are some horses that are more likely to win and if you know what to look for, you can seriously improve your chances of picking the winner and making some money in the process.

Statistics and history

The first thing to look at is the statistics. Although nothing is ever set in stone, statistics from the past races are usually a good indicator of how good a particular horse is and how good their chances of winning are. In particular, check out the recent form, i.e. the performance in more recent races to see which horses in the lineup are more likely to do well.

Race type and post position

When checking out the information, make sure to pay attention on what type of race you’re betting on, i.e. is it a sprint or a 2 turn race? Some horses may have great results in short sprints but that doesn’t necessarily make them a good pick for 2 turn races (and vice-versa). So, don’t just look at general results but also make sure to check what type of races a particular horse excels in.

Additionally, for long races, check out the post position for the horse you’re considering. Oftentimes, horses starting from an inside post position will place better. For sprints, statistics show that horses starting from the outside post win more often.

betting on the jockey

The Jockey

Although the quality of the horse is paramount for winning races, horses don’t run alone. Checking out who’s riding the horse you’re about to pick is also very important. Do some research to check the jockey’s history and past results to give you the best odds of placing a winning bet.

Place Your Bets Now

As mentioned, you no longer need to go to a race track to place your bets. There are many bookies who will take your bets online and the entire process will take just a few minutes to complete. For horse racing specifically, some bookmakers you should check out include Bet Victor, Ladbrokes, Bet365, and William Hill.

If you’re completely new to horse racing and just looking to get started, there are also quite a few real cash online casinos offering no deposit bonuses you can use to place your first bets with no risk involved. We suggest you check these out first to gather some experience free of charge. Click here for more information about no deposit bonuses.

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